My name is Lara and I’m a GenNEXT Broncolor Ambassador

A couple of months ago, precisely back in May, I received a phone call from Switzerland and I knew right away that my photography work was about to change:

HonJannik from Broncolor had called to announce that I was selected as one of the
Broncolor’s Gen NEXT winners of 2016. The Gen NEXT competition
– now in its third edition – mainly targets photographers that are under 30. It
salutes the work and effort of three of these photographers and encourages them
further by granting them 20,000€ worth of lighting equipment. Hence, these
three applicants become Broncolor’s ambassadors.

I was
thrilled to be given such an opportunity and I was looking forward to get my
hands on Broncolor babies Ive been craving for a while. It was exactly what I needed to add to my photography.
Upon receiving the equipment, I took part in a training to learn all I needed to know about the gear and how to use it.
So that May, I packed my bags and headed to Basel. Needless to say that I was at awe as soon as I encountered
this city. I was enchanted by its charm and serenity.

But I was also feeling
eager to learn more about the equipment and to pick that I would find most
convenient for my work. I started imagining and planning sets and settings in
which I would use it. I was going back home well prepared to venture into my next

Evelyn Bencicova, the other Gen NEXT winner, came all the way from Slovenia for the training as well. We spent 2 days in Urs Recher’s studio testing the giant Para 333, different octaboxes, and ring flashes (which I fell in love with!)

I returned to Lebanon
with 2 Siros L (best Broncolor product IMHO) and a 150cm octa box. I can’t
wait to pick my next lights to start trying more complex sets.


I went to London, and it changed the way I saw the world

Over the years as a professional photographer, I have had many wonderful opportunities to travel around the globe to advance my knowledge and craft, while marveling at the beauty of other countries. However, since the start of my career there had yet to be a chance for me to explore a city of personal interest—until last month, when the opportunity finally arrived, and I excitedly took my first trip to the great city of London.
I was one of the people who had the honor and privilege of being invited to attend the launch event of the P9, the new phone designed and presented by the phone company Huawei. Persons from all across the globe gathered to exchange conversation in what ended up being a very impressive and charming event. The choice of venue was incredibly elegant, and really reflected the professionalism of the company and their product. I even had the great pleasure of meeting Henry Cavill, Huawei’s ambassador, which was a wonderful surprise. As a guest, I was very impressed by the event as a whole, but as a photographer, I was most impressed by the camera features of the P9 phone. It’s no surprise that the company slogan is “change the way you see the world”, because I think that this phone camera definitely offers the opportunity to do just that.
Huawei, having teamed up with the world’s leading lens provider Leica, created a new technology that made the phone camera so advanced that I can firmly state it is closest to what a DSLR can offer. The features are superior to anything else on the market right now, with dual- lens camera lenses and amazing photo quality—and most importantly, the wide aperture effect, which produces outstanding images with bokeh.

Photos taken by Huawei P9

I would recommend this phone for those who are invested in taking good-quality photographs. It provides the possibility of breathtaking landscape and portrait photos, makes food photography even more addicting than it already is, and includes the time-lapse video option. Put that all together with a battery that takes forever to die out, and you have a reliable and strong phone and phone camera. 

Overall, the opportunity to not only fly over and visit a place I’ve always wanted to, but also to be an attendee and learn about the advancement of the P9’s phone camera technology is an experience I value both in my career and my life. Having only spent a few days there, I was charmed by the lively and wild city of London, and will definitely take another trip there in the future to discover even more of it.

So I carved until I set myself free

My heart has skipped a beat for photography once again. 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt that. At one point over the last few months, I was worried that my passion would fade or even come to an end, and instead would become nothing more than a habit or identity. Elie Khater had agreed to collaborate with me for the statue image I had envisioned for months, after I had discovered his sfx account on Instagram. I felt alive again. My adrenaline was high for new creations, and he had offered me the opportunity to execute new challenging ideas.

What I loved most about this shoot was not the result itself, but the process. I was creating out of the pure love I had for this craft and what it offered. I lost myself in the shoot, and that was a feeling I had long missed. I was thrilled to have remembered it. After recently shooting for few commercial projects, I enjoyed the no-client pressure, and the freedom to create whatever I wanted without any briefs or guidelines. Though commercial photography has its perks, this shoot reminded me of what I used to do when I first started photography as a hobby, many years ago: I didn’t care about the result so much as I cared about the process of making it. And this, in itself, was liberating. 

This image is a recreation of the self-made statue. The concept behind it is meant to remind the audience that there is a need to continuously work hard and grow in order to become the person you want to be. Though external circumstances do play a role sometimes in failure and de-motivation, at the end of the day, it’s up to each individual to push him/herself towards self-achievement. A perfect quote to sum this up would be one by Pablo Picasso—“Inspiration exists, but it needs to find you working”. Its always good to continue building yourself no matter how many cracks and breaks.

You can scroll down for some behind the scenes photos.


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