FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Lara Zankoul based?   I am currently based in Lebanon.
  • Do you take international assignments?   Definitely! Provided that the project is of interest to me, and is inline with my brand-name, I would be happy to travel and create beautiful artwork anywhere in the world!
  • Do you take interns?   Yes. I am mainly interested in working with interns for the following fields: fine arts, media&communications, and art direction. Usually the internship lasts 3 months. Should you like to apply, all you have to do is send an email our way to lara.zankoul@gmail.com
  • Where can I see Lara Zankoul’s full portfolio?   My fine art is available on my website, whereas my Commercial portfolio (fashion/weddings) can be sent to you upon request.
  • Where does Lara Zankoul exhibit her work?   Ayyam Gallery is my sole exhibitor and agent at the moment. In case an opportunity to exhibit elsewhere arises, it has to be upon Ayyam’s approval.
  • Do you take commercial shooting assignments?   Yes, I do take commercial shootings that are inline with my artistic vision. Feel free to email me and we’ll come up with a beautiful plan for your project!
  • What are the equipment you work with?    I use the Canon 5d mark ii. My lenses are:      50mm1.2    |    50mm1.4    |     24-70mm 2.8  and 2 elinchrome 500w strobes. 
  • What are the editing softwares that you use?   Photoshop CS6.
  • Where can I sign up for notifications regarding your workshops?   To stay up-to-date on my latest workshops, please follow us on Facebook. You may also make it a note to regularly check my Website and Blog.
  • I want to use your art in an academic project, can I do that?   Sure, as long as you credit me. I work hard on conceptualising and executing my artwork, thus, it is only fair to take the credit for artwork on any medium. Shall I come along an uncredited artwork of mine that has been used for commercial purposes, I reserve the right to pursue legal terms.
  • Can I paint an artwork of Lara’s?   Sure, as long as the artwork is not used for commercial purposes. Please ask for permission beforehand, make sure to credit me and share the final artwork with me.
  • I want to contact Lara Zankoul personally, how can I do that?   I personally follow-up on my social media channels and would love to answer you there. However, for business enquiries, it is better to reach me by email on lara.zankoul@gmail.com
  • Do you license images? ( for book covers/ CD covers, etc...)   I sure do! Please email me to lara.zankoul@gomail.com in order to further discuss the terms.
  • Would you take a look at my photography portfolio? As much as I am humbled by your trust in my talent and skills, it is genuinely impossible for me to check each and every portfolio or profile that is sent my way. I receive this request several times a week and while I would love to help out, I simply don't have time to participate in your project.

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